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Hindsight lad
Carlton LaFroyge (Earth-616) from New Warriors Vol 1 37 001
Hindsight Lad and Justice share their nerd knowledge of an obscure superhero
Carlton LaFroyge (Earth-616) from Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 129
hindsight lad infowizard
Go away and shut the f**k up, Hindsight Lad. No one likes you to be in the New Warriors.
Carlton LaFroyge, AKA Hindsight Lad
Hindsight Lad
The ...
Hindsight Lad
After blackmailing his way onto the New Warriors, Carlton LaFroyge, calling himself Hindsight Lad, went on to have a storied career of continuously telling ...
I am not making this up at all.
The ...
A week later, the New Warriors are missing and Night Thrasher is hunting down the Poison Memories gang and their leader, Kimeiko Ashu.
Ask anyone around about who the lamest superhero of all time is, and you'll get “Hindsight Lad” as the unanimous answer. After all, no one wants to see a ...
The ...
From Marvel Database
Night ...
Hindsight Lad. His super power? He knows exactly how events could have played out differently... In hindsight.
10. Leather Boy
Team up Hindsight Lad with Cable and you can really **** things around
Justice (Vance Astrovik) and Hindsight Lad (Carlton LaFroyge) are nerds in the
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Web ...
Lame Super-Hero or Villain Ep.66 - Hindsight Lad
Marvel da luz verde a una serie sobre 'New Warriors'
My favorite is Hindsight Lad.
The ...
Hindsight Lad
7 Lamest Superheroes of All Time
Les deux groupes de Warriors fusionnèrent alors et Hindsight-Lad devint un membre à égalité avec les autres Warriors, se spécialisant dans les recherches et ...
POWERHOUSE For a minute I thought we hadn't seen Power Pack outside of their excellent all-ages book and Julie showing up in Loners, but then I remembered ...
Is this Hindsight Lad? There's a guy who mentions being an ex-New Warrior in PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #2.
Comic Book / New Warriors
Nova ...
The New Warriors (vol. 3)[edit]
How to pronounce HINDSIGHT LAD [Marvel characters]
... this scene and was like “hehe funny barista humor,” but looking at thos Barista closely he actually does resemble the New Warriors member Hindsight Lad!
His name explains his power. He can take off his arm. Sure it might hurt a bit if he hits you with his arm but what happens when you take his arm ...
The New Warriors (vol. 2)[edit]
But we haven't. Meet the seriously lame heroes that are just a bit rubbish. We've summoned them all together here so you can marvel at their pointlessness ...
Last week, I picked up Ballistic #5, but had somehow missed #4 and I think #3 as well. (The comic shop wasn't sure how that happened, if they were shorted ...
#ComicBytes: Five Marvel superheroes who have lame powers
Completely useless and arrogant, Hindsight Lad is arguably Marvel's most punchable character.
The ...
Captain hindsight hindsight lad south park funny lol rage comics laugh he real
Captain hindsight
Hindsight Lad
... The New Warriors Issue #47 #51 - English 13 ...
The ...
Donyell Taylor
Matter-Eater Lad
... The New Warriors Issue #56 #60 - English 4 ...
Hindsight Lad
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z issue 5 - Page
Eric Niles
14: Suicide Kings; Deadpool Classic Vol. 14: Suicide Kings
Nova ...
Marvel Comics: 18 super-heróis que você não irá ver em um filme de "Os Vingadores" - Purebreak
7 worst superheroes ever chart table powers
Captain Hindsight
The ...
The New Warriors
Working on some superhero orders today which is always fun. Step 1 is a rough sketch, this one is for She-Ra (a personal hero) and Hindsight Lad - a lesser ...
Power Pack
Running Gag: People getting Robbie Baldwin's codename ...
9. Extraño
Blue Snowman
Which doesn't endear them at all with the newly hero-hating neighbors who see this as a last straw after Stamford. (Hindsight Lad ...
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He Is Real
... Nova (1994) Issue #7 #7 - English 23 ...
Do you ever come up with half an idea? Like the outline to a story without really knowing how to start/end it? Do you then put it to one side and come ...
The Worst Superpower EVER!
Hindsight Lad- Comedic relief enough said
hindsight lad
... Walt Disneys Comics and Stories 723 Page 14 ...
Amazing Spider-Man Complete issue 367 - Page 23