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Padma chukkala muggulu
13 To 7 Dots Middle Padma Rangoli Designs Very Easy
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Simple Flowers kolam designs with 19-10 middle | chukkala muggulu with .
Astadhala padma kolam for Friday , Varalakshmi Vratham , Krishnastami | Sudha Balaji
Simple Flowers kolam designs with 13-7 middle | chukkala muggulu with do.
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Ashtadala Padma Rangoli
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Easy rangoli sankranthi designs ll Padma muggulu ll kolam Designsll Telugu rangoli llEasy Rangoli
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Kolam chukkala muggulu with dots 11 to 1 innovative Rangoli designs
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Now divide the space in between the two curves into 6 equal parts. Now draw a minaret joining adjoining lines as shown in magenta colour dots.
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Sikku Kolam with 7x1 dots | Melika Muggulu | .
Step 7
Below is the final version of the kolam.
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23:16. Sankranthi special 6 chukkala muggulu ...
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